Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Student Purchasing Programs

If you're not aware of student purchasing programs you're missing out on some incredible opportunities to purchase professional equipment/applications at seriously discounted prices.

One program in particular is Adobe's. For example, they offer Lightroom for $99 instead of the regular $299. "$200 off, yes please."

I know it's difficult to pony up some extra money on top of all your other studio class expenses, but if there's something you might need, at least take a look and consider your options.

Oh yeah, and don't forget organizations such as SPE or CAA, and some publications offer discounts as well.

Pictureline.com is an interesting site with links to a list of programs, including Dyna-Lite, Hasselblad, Mamiya, Leaf, Toyo-View, Sekonic, Pocketwizard, Profoto, Induro, X-rite, Tenba, Skooba, Multicart, Manfrotto, and Speedotron.

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