Friday, February 23, 2007

Toners From Photo II Demo

Here is a listing of the toners we used in our Photo II toning project:

1. Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner, B&H SKU# KOTRSQ, $16.95 for 1 quart. I dilute this 1:10 in Fixer Remover, that is 100ml in 1L (although you can make it weaker or stronger depending on dilution). There's enough concentrate in the 1 quart bottle to make nearly 10L. Of all the toners, this is probably the best deal, especially if you're satisfied with the results of Selenium toning.

2. Fotospeed ST10 - Traditional Sepia Toner 10, B&H SKU# FOTST100ML, $11.99. One kit mixes to make 1L of Bleach and 1L of Re-developer.

3. Photographer's Formulary Copper Toner, B&H SKU# PHTC2L, $9.95, makes 2L. This kit has powders that are mixed together to create the Copper Toner.

4. Berg Color Toner (Yellow), B&H SKU# BETRY, $3.95, makes 1L. I guess you get what you pay for.

5. Berg Color Toner (Green), B&H SKU# BETRGR, $3.95, makes 1L. See #4 for description.

There are quite a few other toners that might be available to you, but sometimes they can be limited due to shipping constraints. Photographer's Formulary also has it's own site where you can buy all sorts of photographic chemistry, from toners, to developers, to non-silver and alternative process kits. Click on "Store" to see what they carry. Pretty interesting.

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